Before and after Google? B. G. - A.G.

Let's give the word today to Karl Fisch, Scott McLood and Jeff Bronman. Karl Fisch, a high school administrator at Arapahoe High School in Littleton, Colorado, pulled together a powerpoint with “some interesting ideas” for teachers at his school. Later, Jeff Bronman and Scott Mcleod, a professor at Univ. of Minnesota, generalized the presentation.And hhis video has been added to Youtube at the end of October and more than 300k persons already watched it…as I see it more and more posted on Facebook We may think that this number will explode easily reaching 1 Million viewed by the end of January.
It is named Exponential Technology. You may see it at: http://www.wikio.fr/video/622441l I invite you to look at it. When l spoke of a "digital shock" in 2000, l was even shy! l wish you a happy new year and keep optinistic. May be tghe best is to come! Well... it depends on all of us! No on the technology, butas the technology changes our ideas, the future may get difficult to master. i don't see how we could survive and improuve our human condition without a mutation of our brain... It would not be the first one un the recent time, since we get down from the trees. Our evolution has always been accelerated in comparison with all other species we know.
We thank Karl Fisch, Scott McLood and Jeff Bronman for their excellent pedagogic video.
Hervé Fischer

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