Augmented Consciousness

We speak a lot of augmented reality, which consists of a basket of proposed hyperlinks enriching the information about any monument, restaurant, picture, or what so ever, which we capture with the camera of a smart phone. Enriched media through digital hyperlinks are considered as an added value to our perception through multiple data immediately available with a simple click. It is an important technical progress of digital access to easy and fast knowledge in situ.
And l propose to call augmented consciousness the feeling of responsibility and ethic obligation to act, which we experience thanks to digital media  telling us day after day about the permanent scandal of violence, exploitation, inequity,  which happen in the world. We know it thanks to a larger and larger access to real time information about everything significant. In both cases - augmented reality and augmented consciousness - the progress is due to the multiplication of hyperlinks offered by digital technologies. Such a situation is activating specific neurons and synapses, which allow the development of a dedicated zone of the human brain, the same way as a violinist develops a specific cerebral network of neurons and synapses allowing him to acquire the skills to play violin with very fast reflexes of his arm and fingers to conduct the performance. We don't need to call any spiritual presence or soul or transcendence to explain the phenomenon of augmented consciousness. It is simply related to the augmented access to digital hyperlinks of information and the biological patterns of the brain. Today's neuroscience has established this neuroplasticity of the brain, making him able to respond to our needs.
The progress of our brain and wisdom and ethic responsibility is not certain, although it is much more important for the future of humankind than the progress of the digital technoscience and power, which will continue anyway. Let's be optimistic and believe in the progress of augmented consciousness, which is the only possible biological response to the increasing dangers of human instrumental power. Digital technologies are not only the problem; they are also the solution to the problem.

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