Digital has become the third dimension of the world

Space is becoming smarter and smaller, lousing its importance and structural determination of our human activities. Time is accelerating and demanding a faster adaptation of all of us. Time is becoming evenemential and ephemeral, cannibalizing us in its chaotic flew. Sense, rationality emigrate from the traditional space and time pattern of our sensibility, logic and activity into the digital links and networks. We encounter an anthropological revolution. Kant’s a priori “forms of our sensibility” are disappearing. Spatial stability, on which we had constructed the fundaments of classical lineal rationalism, escapes and gets replaced by digital thinking in arabesque. Again as in former magical thinking, we mainly build the meaning of things on links, experience and emotion. The consequences may be difficult to master and dangerous for masse societies, not to fall in a new obscurantism. We have to learn how to get the best and avoid the worst of this mutation of our relation to the world. Let’s keep optimistic as it meets again more closely the biological structures of our brain connections, which we had submitted to the rigidity of lineal rationalism. We got an incredible power of this reductive discipline. But time has come for building a post-rationalism.  It’s getting more risky but also opening the way for more human power.

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