KickstARTer and ART

Changing money into art - social alchemy, acrylic on canvas, 122 x 183 cm, 2014

Here is the final painting concluding my Kickstarter experience. During one month of crowd funding (September 9/October 9) 66 contributors have taking directly part with amounts ranging from $1 to $500 online or otherwise and reaching a total amount of $3,011 - 120% of the minimal pledged for success.
I received many comments and tried to give them echo as well as to my own feelings in this painting. You may see my efforts to publicize the proposition and the kind of social alchemy resulting from the artist’s energy and contributor’s implication merging into the accumulation of small touches converging towards the summit of the diagram. Starting from the sea level, the unknown mountain raises day after day, by successive stages, up to the dreamed summit, allowing finally the artist’s hand to open the collective safe box and see the money of the contributors appear. It shows the social commitment in favor of art creation. It was for me a reward after moments of doubt.
This parody of the financial and speculative diagrams of stock exchanges gave me a great pleasure – as well as to the contributors, according to their comments, in our business and profit minded societies. This demonstration of sociological art on line is also worth its weight in gold! 

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